Lo psicologo del Ser.T. e il paziente detenuto presso la Casa Circondariale S. Vittore di Milano: fattori caratterizzanti la relazione terapeutica

M.A. Monti, C. Galassi, B. Ruffa


The article presents a vision of the work of the Sert psychologist inside C.C. San Vittore Prison in its distinctive features compared with the assistance at a Sert territorial, such as: the type of motivation to the care of the addiction, the context Prison Institution, the passage “inside-out” and the setting.
An important factor is the “go to”: in the territorial service the psychologist waits for the patient, who performs the “move to go to the service”; paradoxically, whit the detained patient is the psychologist who “go to the visiting room”. A further aspect is the time of imprisonment which also affects the duration and the type of treatment.
All these factors taken together can be considered as barriers to treatment, but if well-known and shared can become important resources.
It will be through the exposure of two clinical situations that will point out the strong ambivalence that marks the difficulty in building a relationship of trust and the adaptation to a “non-traditional” setting in the psychological work

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