The influence of servicescape and perceived authenticity on winery visitors’ satisfaction and their behavioural intentions

Ester Napolitano, Giacomo Del Chiappa, Aise KyoungJin Kim


Wine tourism destinations are growing in popularity not only for wine tasting experiences but also for the wineries’ aesthetic and authentic rural appeal, which are increasingly valued and sought-after by a wider range of wine tourist markets. This study suggests and tests an empirical model where both various servicescape dimensions (i.e. physical environment, facilities, and personnel interaction) and perceived level of authenticity (i.e. object-based authenticity and existential authenticity) are considered as determinants of wine tourists’ satisfaction and different types of behavioural intentions.
Specifically, multiple regression analysis was conducted on a sample of 267 valid questionnaires collected from winery visitors in the region of Sardinia in 2015. Theoretical and managerial contributions on how to design and manage wine tourism experiences for wine tourist markets are discussed, and suggestions for future research are given.

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