Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

ESS - Rethinking the design process, rethinking the curriculum

Table of Contents


Rethinking the design process, rethinking the curriculum PDF
Michele Corsi, Pier Giuseppe Rossi


The curriculum PDF (Italiano)
Pier Giuseppe Rossi
The curriculum, the macro design and the micro design, and the curriculum transposition PDF (Italiano)
Pier Giuseppe Rossi
School, curriculum and technology: the what and how of their connections PDF
Laura Fedeli
Curriculum and inclusion: critical issues and redefinition lines PDF
Catia Giaconi, Noemi Del Bianco, Simone Capellini, Arianna Taddei
The design of a vertical curriculum: travelling with mathematics PDF
Antonella Montone
Thinking the curriculum in an inclusive perspective: challenges and opportunities PDF
Valentina Pennazio
Sustain resource teachers in the appropriation of the graphic organizer to facilitate the understanding of disciplinary texts among at risk students at the secondary level PDF (Français)
Nancy Granger, France Dubé


ALIA. The Inclusion of Unaccompanied Minors in Italy PDF
Marco Catarci, Matilde Rocchi
ALIA.The initial training of educators for Early Childhood Education and Care in Italy: normative and curricular aspects PDF
Arianna Taddei
ALIA. Listening to death PDF
Maurizio Fabbri
ALIA. The Gentile’s concept of Machiavelli. Returning to the origins of the educational community in interiore homine PDF (Italiano)
Giancarlo Costabile

Book reviews/Recensioni

Book reviews/Recensioni PDF (Italiano)
Noemi Del Bianco, Arianna Taddei, Catia Giaconi

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