Vol 7, No 2 (2016)

ESS - Alignment, attunement, co-activity, co-regulation. Convergent trajectories?

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Alignment, attunement, co-activity, co-regulation: convergent trajectories? VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Michele Corsi, Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Vladimir Megdeved


Apprendimento e Insegnamento nella prospettiva dell’Enattivismo PDF (Italiano)
Elio Damiano
Le mani sul cuore. Pedagogia e biopolitiche del lavoro PDF (Italiano)
Stefano Casulli
Pier Giuseppe Rossi
The non-linear potential of didactic action VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Maurizio Sibilio, Iolanda Zollo
Start a community of practice through Action Learning: nurse manager to support the changing care practices VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Stefano Bonometti
Integrated school-community projects to promote motor activity through possible alignment with professionals VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Antinea Ambretti, Antonio Borgogni, Rodolfo Vastola, Simone Di Gennaro, Vladimir Medved, Francesca D'Elia
Motor technique and didactics: a possible alliance from an educational point of view VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Carmen Palumbo, Susana Franco, Ferdinando Cereda
I processi inclusivi nella prima infanzia tra diritti e responsabilità PDF (Italiano)
Roberta Caldin
School-family-community collaborations: the contribution of the intercultural worker in accompanying newly immigrant parents to school PDF (Français)
Josée Charette, Jean-Claude Kalubi
Organizations’ choices when implementing an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention program (EIBI) VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Carmen Dionne, Jacques Joly, Annie Paquet, Myriam Rousseau, Mélina Rivard

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