Vol 7, No 1 (2016)

ESS - Inclusion. Context, processes and practices

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Inclusion (intelligently divergent), the (indispensible) aim of a (finally, hopefully and committing and mature democracy ourselves to it) cultured and mature democracy VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Michele Corsi, Catia Giaconi, Jean-Claude Kalubi


Does the school inclusion really work? VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Lucio Cottini, Annalisa Morganti
Simplex approaches to develop reading competence in primary school VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Stefano Di Tore, Iolanda Zollo, Michele D. Todino, Maurizio Sibilio
Inclusion scolaire, travail collaboratif et temporalités dans les relations entre un CMPP et un lycée professionnel en France VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Line Numa-Bocage
Don’t call it “dolly”. The geo-political revolution of fashion dolls VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Massimiliano Stramaglia
Inclusion through participation: approaches, strategies and methods VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Livia Cadei, Rosita Deluigi
University: a universe of study and independent living opportunities for students with disabilities. Goals and critical issues VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Marisa Pavone, Rosa Bellacicco
Dyslexia in the University. Guidelines for inclusion and teaching of the University of Florence VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Tamara Zappaterra
Deciding to act: Teachers’ willingness to implement inclusive practices VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Erika M. Pace, Paola Aiello
Les retombées de deux projets de recherche-action impliquant une collaboration interprofessionnelle sur le développement des pratiques inclusives au secondaire VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Geneviève Bergeron, Nancy Granger
Trainers education into action: Learning for inclusion VIEW OR DOWNLOAD PDF
Catia Giaconi
Michele Corsi et alii

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