Costruire infiniti mondi professionali. Prospettive trasformative

Loretta Fabbri, Alessandra Romano


Young people, future, endless worlds are the key words that question the professional epistemology of the university faculty and the university itself as an organization.
The thesis: the title intercepts the core problem that the academic community has been investigating for the recent years, namely the professionals who work within the organization called university. University right now is addressing the prefiguration of possible futures for itself as organization of research and
training for the students.
One of the main missions of higher education system is to prepare young people to face the challenges of the future. The question we want to stress here is how the university is gearing up to be an active agent in promoting the trajectories of the future society. And above all which conditions could hinder or facilitate its role of agency-orientation (Rieckmann, 2011).

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