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Design for Inclusion, Gamification and Learning Experience

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ISBN-13: 9788891797780
Date of first publication: 2020-05-22

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Design for Inclusion, Gamification and Learning Experience

Francesca Tosi, Antonella Serra, Alessia Brischetto, Ester Iacono

Pubblicato con licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non Commerciale-Non opere derivate 4.0 Internazionale (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) nella collana Serie di architettura e design

The book presents contributions submitted at the Conference “Designing for Inclusive Learning Experience”, which was held in Florence on May 10, 2019, at the Department of Architecture DIDA of the University of Florence.
The conference main topics regard the application of Ergonomics and Human Factors to Education, Gamification and Inclusion.
The conference is a Multiplier Event of the european project “PUDCAD, Practicing Universal Design Principles in Design Education through a CAD-Based Game”, founded by Erasmus+ Program KA203 and conducted by the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs.

About the Author/Volume editor: Francesca Tosi

She is a Full Professor of Industrial Design at Department of Architecture - DIDA, University of Florence. Scientific Director of LED, Ergonomics & Design Laboratory, she develops her research and didactic activities in the fields of Product and Interior Design, Ergonomics in Design, Inclusive Design. She is Past national President of SIE, Italian Society of Ergonomics and human factors and, currently, President of CUID, Italian Design Academic Conference.

About the Author/Volume editor: Antonella Serra

PhD in Design, she is Research Fellow at the Department of Architecture DIDA, University of Florence. She focused her research on HCD and Universal Design/DfA approaches in the sector of the Cultural Heritage and Education. She is also an architect, journalist and design educator. Adjunct Professor at the University of Florence (2005-14) and at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2012-13), she has written for “Il Sole24 Ore” (2007-10) and “Opere” (2011-14) and performed editorial activities for several architecture magazines (2003-06).

About the Author/Volume editor: Alessia Brischetto

Phd in Design, she is a fixed-term Researcher at the Department of Architecture, University of Florence. Since 2010 she works mainly on the fields of Ergonomics for Design, usability of industrial products and design for inclusion, supporting the use of ICTs in learning environments. She has also taken part in several national and international research projects and collaboWrated with public administrations and important companies. She is also author of several peer-review papers, conference proceedings and books.

About the Author/Volume editor: Ester Iacono

Master’s Degree in Design at the School of Architecture at the University of Florence. Scholarship for PhD in Architecture, majoring in design. Researcher in the fields of ergonomics for Design, Human-Centred Design and Medical Design at  Laboratory of Ergonomics & Design, Architecture Department. Tutor for the design courses of “Ergonomics and Design” and “Human-Centred Design/User Experience”. She is a lecturer of Interaction Design at AAP (Arts Abroad Project) at the Overseas Study Center in Florence Teaching Program.

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