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Acuti, Diletta, Post-Doc Research Fellow


Bertoldi, Bernardo
Bettiol, Marco, Associate Professor of Business Management
Borghini, Stefania


Cardamone, Ernesto, Doctoral Candidate in Economic and Business Sciences
Ceruti, Francesca, Research fellow
Chierici, Roberto, Research fellow


Dalli, Daniele, M&C Editor
De Canio, Francesca, Research Fellow of Management
De Cosmo, Lucrezia Maria, Ph.D Researcher in Economics and Business Management
De Marchi, Valentina, Assistant Professor of Business Management
De Vanna, Federica, PhD in Persona, Mercato, Istituzioni
Del Bosco, Barbara, Associate Professor
Del Chiappa, Giacomo, Associate Professor of Marketing; Senior Research Fellow
Di Maria, Eleonora, Associate Professor of Business Management
Di Vittorio, Arianna, Associate Professor in Economics and Business Management
Donvito, Raffaele, Associate Professor of Marketing


Giachino, Chiara
Grandinetti, Roberto, Full Professor of Business Management


Iaffaldano, Nicolaia, Ph.D Researcher in Economics and Business Management
Iasevoli, Gennaro
Ieva, Marco, Postdoctoral Researcher in Marketing


Ko, Eunju, Full Professor of Marketing


Loriga, Antonio Salvatore, PhD candidate in Business and Economics


Martinelli, Elisa, Associate Professor of Management
Mazzoli, Valentina, Post-Doc Research Fellow
Mazzucchelli, Alice, Research fellow
Mele, Maria Gabriella, PhD in Economics, Society and Law, curriculum Economics and Management
Miceli, Gaetano "Nino", Assistant Professor of Marketing
Moretti, Andrea


Pencarelli, Tonino, Full Professor of business management and corporate strategy
Piper, Luigi, Contract lecturer in Analytical Marketing; Research fellow
Pucciarelli, Francesca


Raggiotto, Francesco, Ph.D. Student
Raimondo, Maria Antonietta, Associate Professor of Marketing
Resciniti, Riccardo, Full Professor of International Management and Marketing


Tamagno, Davide, Innovation Consulant


Ziliani, Cristina, Full Professor in Marketing


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