Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

ESS - The need for innovation in didactics: inclusion and technologies

Table of Contents


Innovating didactics at university PDF (Italiano)
Michele Corsi, Lorella Giannandrea, Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Juan De Pablo Pons

The need for innovation in didactics: inclusion and technologies

Didactic innovation and professionalization of knowledge. The case of the Teaching & Learning Center of University of Siena PDF (Italiano)
Loretta Fabbri, Alessandra Romano
Innovating the architectures of university didactics PDF (Italiano)
Chiara Panciroli
Analyze students' learning processes to innovate university teaching. The Formative Educational Evaluation model of the University of Bologna PDF (Italiano)
Nicoletta Balzaretti, Elena Luppi, Dina Guglielmi, Ira Vannini
Teachers' education and "non linearity": simplex perspectives PDF (Italiano)
Iolanda Zollo, Diana Carmela Di Gennaro, Laura Girelli, Maurizio Sibilio
From the informative feedback to the generative feedback PDF (Italiano)
Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Maila Pentucci, Laura Fedeli, Lorella Giannandrea, Valentina Pennazio
Towards an ICT-TPCK based design: Hybrid Solution for the development of soft skills in Higher Education PDF (Italiano)
Marina De Rossi
From the analysis of university professors' training needs to the design of the Teaching Learning Laboratory: the PRODID research at the University of Bari PDF (Italiano)
Loredana Perla, Viviana Vinci
Juan De Pablos-Pons, Mercedes Llorent-Vaquero
Taxonomy of curriculum change models: the case of Problem Based Learning PDF (Italiano)
Antonella Lotti
Study Empowerment for inclusion PDF (Italiano)
Catia Giaconi, Simone Aparecida Capellini, Noemi Del Bianco, Arianna Taddei, Ilaria D'Angelo
Innovation of settings in higher education PDF (Italiano)
Andrea Garavaglia, Livia Petti
Blended solution and Higher Education. The case of the Catholic University: e-tutoring for personalization PDF (Italiano)
Serena Triacca, Domenico Bodega, Pier Cesare Rivoltella
Faculty professional development on e-learning. The results of the DIDeL project PDF (Italiano)
Marcantonio Catelani, Andreas Robert Formiconi, Maria Ranieri, Francesca Pezzati, Francesco Gallo, Gabriele Renzini, Isabella Bruni
Laboratory Teaching in Classroom 3.0: an exploratory survey on the perceptions of teachers and students PDF
Alberto Parola, Alessia Rosa
Peer assessment and gamification: a university teaching experience in a course of Media Education PDF (Italiano)
Filippo Bruni
Learning to learn PDF (Italiano)
Floriana Falcinelli, Maria Filomia, Valentino Santucci, Gianluca Vinti
Supporting student’s disciplinary conceptualization process: a co-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach to educational development. The case of University of Milan-Bicocca PDF (Italiano)
Elisabetta Nigris, Barbara Balconi, Franco Passalacqua

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