“Nuovi” sguardi alla disabilità e “vecchie” pratiche: un processo a due velocità. Dall’inserimento all’inclusione in ambito universitario

Alessia Cinotti


The Chilean Government has been taking legal action since 2010 by the law of 20.422 that establishes the Norms about Equal Opportunities and Inclusion for Disabled Persons. Despite above mentioned anti-discriminatory legislation framework and progress, several factor hamper the inclusion at university. Democratisation of HE has helped to ensure a growing trend of increasing enrolment of students with disability in Chile, although it is still not significant enough in terms of potential numbers.

Starting from this scenario, the paper aims to provide an overview of the principal steps carried out during the MUSE Project in Latin American in order to highlight the progresses and the challenges of a process in act which has the objective of improve access, ensure retention conditions and develop rich learning opportunities for HEIs’ Disabled Students.

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