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Vol 9, No 1 (2018): ESS - Technologies and inclusion

Table of Contents


Tecnologie e inclusione: il “presente che vorremmo” PDF (Italiano)
Michele Corsi, Maria Beatriz Rodrigues


Ipad in the classroom: perspectives of inclusiveness PDF
Luigi d'Alonzo, Maria Concetta Carruba
The study method of students with LD within the ICF-CY perspective. Research data PDF (Italiano)
Lucia Chiappetta Cajola, Marianna Traversetti
Enhancing communication and participation using AAC technologies for children with motor impairments: a systematic review PDF
Nicole Bianquin, Fabio Sacchi, Serenella Besio
Inclusion and New Technology for Students with Learning Disorders and Attention Deficit with Hiperativity Disorder PDF
Simone Aparecida Capellini, Gabriela Franco dos Santos Liporaci, Larissa Sellin, Monique Herrera Cardoso, Catia Giaconi, Noemi Del Bianco
Il progetto MUSE. Migliorare l'accesso, la partecipazione e l'apprendimento degli studenti disabili nelle università dell'America Latina PDF
Alessia Cinotti, Luca Ferrari, Giulia Righini, Enrico Angelo Emili
Video game dynamic in unplugged mode for innovative and inclusive teaching PDF
Martina De Castro, Martina Marsano, Umberto Zona, Fabio Bocci
The contribution of technologies to the inclusion of the student whit a visual disability: the "smart stick for blind people PDF (Italiano)
Michele Aurelio, Stefania Cecchi, Mirca Montanari, Andrea Primavera
Inclusive didactics and assistive technologies: the experience of a group of special needs teachers PDF (Italiano)
Enza Sidoti, Silvia Palma, Lorenzo Marrali
Technologies Disability and Inclusion PDF
Tomas Uno Wilhelm Brusell
Communicative Aids with low/high technology for the educational intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF (Italiano)
Saverio Fontani
Digital competencies and work inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome PDF (Italiano)
Cristina Gaggioli
Technologies in School for an accessible, inclusive and competence-oriented education PDF (Italiano)
Marzia Mazzer
Inclusive University didactics and technological devices: a case study PDF
Catia Giaconi, Arianna Taddei, Noemi Del Bianco, Simone Aparecida Capellini


Storytelling in Maria Montessori's perspective PDF (Italiano)
Grazia Romanazzi

Book reviews/Recensioni

Book Reviews PDF (Italiano)
Grazia Romanazzi, Noemi Del Bianco, Valentina Pennazio, Arianna Taddei

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