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Bio Statement FIFA 18 in the test: With more realism to the fun game title? - Update: now with PC and Switch rating

After a slightly weaker year, EAs money printing machine impressively returns and offers more realism than ever in the series history. But if that's enough to beat your competitor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, and get yourself the title of the best football simulation, you'll find out in our review.

FIFA 17 was the best-selling video game in Germany in 2016, with EA alone selling over 1.5 million copies of the PS4 since its release. The title was definitely a good game, but he had some problems that made sure that competitor PES was at least playfully FIFA 17 hack clear superior. The game over the wings was quite lame, the feedback in duels was not very well done, the paths of the other players did not work properly and often ran the AI-comrades only hesitant.

Even the old FIFA disease, those goal-space situations are always pretty much the same, was dragged along, while at PES 2017 no match played like the other. Anyone who now thinks that FIFA only sees the taillights after a couple of years from the Konami kick is wrong. FIFA 18 ( now for 51.96 € buy )is all around improved and delivers this year a thrilling duel for the championship title.

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The events on the course have been completely revised in the new FIFA, so even eager gamers of the EA series have to change a little. Passes must now be placed more accurately so that they reach the other players. In addition, position and speed of the FIFA 18 Coins Free players have a much greater influence on the ball acceptance. If you play a teammate in the back, this has to work much more to get the ball under control. Even assumptions in full sprint succeed not so easy. Stars like Ronaldo, Messi or Griezmann of course have less problems with it, but the normal kickers of this world are stumbling here or the ball spins a bit. For these actions, the title has some additional animations donated, making the action much more realistic than even in the predecessors.

In general, the days of uncompromising full-throttle football are over. Namely, the defensive has learned, shifts the ranks more skillful and sometimes puts itself under pressure with aggressive pressing. If you just push ahead, you're more likely FIFA 18 Hack Online to lose the ball than score a goal. Overview is needed to succeed. For this you have to sometimes take the pace out of the game, back fit and relocate the game until a gap in the defensive composite opens, in which you then play the deadly pass. But even if you penetrate into the opponent's sixteenth, this is not a guarantee of success.

The goalkeepers have also learned, come out of the box more often or even fish a shot from the angle. However, they can be defeated a little too often with a shot into the short corner. However, the notorious Querleger in the penalty area does not automatically lead to a goal. The defensive players now recognize such situations, just stabs the ball in time or throw in between, to thresh the ball into the goal.

It is more difficult to get into the penalty area, but the distance shots have become a more powerful weapon. In case of need, you just have to leave. That is quite good, but EA should still patch a little at the balancing by patch. Shots from stars like Robben or Kroos go in our opinion a bit too often unsustainable in the angle.

Despite this small flaw, we are very pleased with the offensive this year. Especially since EA finally succeeded in integrating a reasonable wing play. The flanks can now be placed and stronger beat into the box and are thus again a real alternative in the storm. Of course, they are not self-runners either. You have to adjust the play to the run of the striker, so that the flank revised offense, which now offers more opportunities, the goal-space scenes are not as strong as in the predecessors. As in PES, there are now many different situations, which makes the title much more varied. However, the problem of lazy fellow players has not been completely Dragon Mania Legends Hacker resolved. Although the new and improved routes are implemented well most of the time, but sometimes the players still do not quite come out of the Quark in Kontersituationen. The problem is far from as pronounced as in the predecessor, but we still want an update here by patch.