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You become their go-to person. Now what we mean by that is, when you're that person who is providing them with all kinds of value, you've already let them into your world, let them know you. Now, they're coming back to you for more. They're expecting consistency from you because they're hooked.

You know what it's like when you find somebody on YouTube and you just keep watching all of their content, all of their artikels, or you start diving into a blog that has so much information that you just wanna soak up all of it. This is when you become the go-to person.

This person is going to have you at the top of their list when it comes to solving a pain or a problem or fulfilling a need or desire, whenever they think about that thing that you are offering. So instead of just going to the punch and saying, here, buy my products, or, here, get this package from my service.

Instead of starting there, back it up. Like Brian said, if you start with providing them free value, whether that is consistent content on social media on a daily basis, or even several times a day, or providing them with some kind of PDF download or a artikel series, this is going to really help enrich somebody else's life.

When you give them something that is actionable, something they can do right away that they will get benefit from right away. Maybe you offer products and you could give them a free sample, or maybe you're giving some kind of information away that will help them improve their life and you can get them some kind of small win for free.

That is going to make people absolutely addicted to you. They already love you, they already know you, now this is how they trust you, because you're the person who is helping empower them to change their lives in some kind of awesome way.