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failing while relentlessly pursuing your dreams versus the chance of you living a terrible life because you failed that pursuing your dreams versus just calling it a day right now and living a traditional Western world lifestyle versus everything you can think of versus absolutely everything and I can gladly say that right now as of this moment right here I would rather live each day as if it were my last and take every risk possible in these sacred moments that I have on earth now to make myself as successful

and happy as possible then to be sitting in my deathbed when I'm 90 years old regretting not taking a chance and thinking about what my life could have been if I just jumped when I was 18 or when I was 15 or when I was 22 because tomorrow is not a prom I would rather die trying to live my dreams than to live a longer life filled with regrets life is too short and too unpredictable to limits I've seen a first ten it is not worth it to live it safe basic and traditional but do you know why most people choose to live

that bat safe life over taking risks in their life I mean there's a pretty good argument not to what why would you why would you take a risk that puts you through stress puts your family through stress makes you sleep makes you lose time makes you put in the extra work makes you take ridiculous chances that are 1 to 1,000 you know but before I even continued the fact that I'm even sitting here and talking it is astonished Lehrer dick Ulis on its own the chance of you being born is one to four hundred trillion

that number is so big you cannot even wrap your head around it but ok what what I wanted to say was that the reason why people don't want to take these risks is because right now they feel like they got a lot to lose and that their current situation is relatively nice and most importantly right now they are comfortable they got used to living basic within society standards being with their friends every now and then being well-rested they got comfortable and when you get comfortable you don't want to move in that comfort zone

I like to call it the danger zone because this comfort zone will persuade you to stay in there for as long as possible and it is I know I know how it is I know the comfort zone it is so convincing it is so hard to escape comfort I know and as it persuades you to stay in there you will literally unconsciously see I'm so serious when I say this you will literally see your whole life go right by you and the main reason that I'm serious about this now is because I am pissed off for grayness I want to move mountains and let grey Lewis once said if you're not pissed off for greatness then you're okay with being mediocre and I am definitely not okay with being average