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maybe starting the business you have a great idea that you want to incorporate into your lifestyle maybe you're thinking about pursuing your dreams to the fullest maybe you're thinking about putting in the work to become a doctor an engineer a firefighter a professional athlete but some of you won't follow these ambitions because you're afraid you're afraid to fail you let the fear of failure dictate your actions and you're afraid of what mom or Papa thinks you're afraid of what your sister your brother thinks your or your grandpa your grandma or your cousins or whoever but what truly matters is you

you are in possession of a gift you have a talent and whatever that talent is you can make yourself and people around you a stronger and better place with it but sometimes the only way to do that is to take a risk at one point you have got to take a leap if you want to make that gift that you have become a reality otherwise Society will gladly accept you as a nine-to-five slave working just to pay off your rent and to stay alive

and to live for the weekend which is the absolute worst way to live if you don't jump believe me if you don't pursue your gift you will live a life full of regret in your gift your dreams everything that you ever had to offer to the world will die with you from firsthand experience I am pissed off at myself I'm pissed off and I regret so much in my life I can't even fathom explaining it not about not about what I've done

but what I haven't done all the opportunities that I turned down and all the chances that I never took just because I was afraid or because I was worried about what other people think and I officially decided to sit down I sat down for weeks I didn't I didn't just think of what I'm saying right now I didn't think of it overnight this is months this is months of thinking and I just sat down and I just wrote and after comparing the randomness of death versus the chance of you

so now the question becomes what is it that you truly have to lose if you pursue your dreams and you fail sure you might be a little bit more financially unstable you might experience stress or other feelings you wish you never had to experience but either way even if you fail you will end up back to where you started which is where you are now so what do you literally have to lose some of you right now you're thinking about