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Bio Statement Big Picture Loans Remortgages And Secured Loans Could Be Helped By The Proposed Increase In Retirement Agebig picture loans bad credit installment lenders

Since the advent of the welfare state in the UK, when the British Government introduced a state pension for everyone, the age of retirement for men is sixty five, and five years less for women. Why it should be this way round is anyone's guess as it is a proven fact that the lifetime expectancy for a woman is higher than that of a man. In addition to this women are regarded by many as the stronger sex, perhaps not stronger when it comes to physical activity, but stronger emotionally as well as being able to suffer pain better than a man.

At sixty and sixty five years old respectively woman and men receive the state granted pension known as the old age pension, and what a terrible term that is. It implies that by that age you are possitively ancient, and well past your sell by date which is not the case certainly nowadays.Many people over the age of retirement are fit, healthy and look much younger than their age.

As proof of this take our own Cliff Richard who still plays tennis on a regular basis and manages frequently to beat much younger opponents. Or take the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi who is over seventy years old and is still running a country and a large media empire. He also, as has been very publicly reported, enjoys the kind of social life that many men not only of half his age but a third of his age would envy

When we look at the cult of celebrity think of the still beautiful Italian actress Sophia Loren who at well over the age of normal retirement was in the last couple of years voted the most naturally beautiful person in the world, followed in second place by hearthrob George Clooney who is young enough to be her son.Others further down the list in the same poll were the likes of Cameron Diaz and our own Catherine Zeta Jones.

Therefore an increase in the age of retirement could be well to the good, and in addition to enabling people to feel younger longer, it could have a very positive affect on the remortgage and secured loan industry in the UK.. Many people after middle age still working and earning good salaries are refused remortgages and secured loans because most remortgage and secured big picture loans native american payday loan companies lenders insist that these homeowner loans must be repaid by the age of sixty or sixty five, depriving many credit worthy homeowners who can well afford the repayment to be deprived of funds that they want for a variety of reasons.

Some remortgage and secured loan lenders do grant their products to homeowners as long as these loans are repaid by the time that the borrower reaches the age of eighty five, but this is not the norm. The economy could really be helped by these more mature citizens being allowed to remortgage and take out secured loans and it would benefit not only the individuals themselves but also increase the number of remortgages and secured loans granted which the finance sector needs.

The remortgage and secured loan sectors have been really struggling over the last two years with secured loan applications down more than 80% since 2007, and therefore anything that can be done to help can only be to the good.

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